About Rox'Art

Hi there !

Rox'Art is the combination of my first name Roxanne and my passion for Art!

Une passion que j’ai pris le temps de développer en 2020 après une première expérience évènementielle avortée par le COVID. Tout est parti d’un puzzle que je souhaitais acheter. Les délais de livraison étant trop longs je me suis résolue à peindre ce magnifique paysage du Mont Fuji sur une toile. J’ai voulu continuer à peindre mais, ma conscience éco-responsable grandissant, j’ai eu à coeur d’allier le beau et l’utile. C’est à ce moment là que j’ai découvert l’immense offre de meubles de seconde main sur Bruxelles. Des meubles solides dont certains ne nécessitent que peu de réparation mais surtout une belle revalorisation.

When I was a child, my mom always told me: "You can create your own business". And that's what I did.

I welcome you inside my colorful univers ✨

"Nothing is lost, everything is transformed."

Creations & upcycling

Along the way, I've come across many scraps of materials (wood, polyester, copper wire, paint...). In 2021, at my first Christmas market, I set myself the challenge of creating a useful object with the scraps in front of me. That's how the jewelry holders were born: a base of pieces of wood with copper wires from old electrical wires. A little paint and gold leaf, and it's done!

I've become a firm believer in the famous saying that "nothing is lost, everything is transformed".

Today, I'm animating woodworking workshops. Discover professional electric saws and sanders. Learn to drill, bore and assemble wood to build your own object from recycled materials.

L'Extension de
Fais-le toi-même

Rox'Art's atelier is part of a creative and sustainable eco-system called l'Extension. Located in Saint-Gilles, it's a collaborative eco-system that allows each project to evolve autonomously, while remaining part of a supportive community sharing a common vision.

The Extension is Rox'Art's creative home, so I invest my time and energy in it: painting, building a storage unit, installing boxes on the wall.

The shared values are the circular economy and the innovative use of recycled materials to considerably reduce the environmental impact of the design and creation sector. The ecosystem is co-managed by all occupants and steered by the ASBL Fais le-toi même.


Upgrading of antique furniture.
Construction of small objects with recycled materials.
Practical and discovery workshops around wood.

E-mail: roxart.rld@gmail.com
Adresse: Rue Américaine 11, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Workshop in the heart of the "Extension" of the non-profit association
Fais-le toi-même.