Personalized Furniture

CORRY & JAN - November 2023

What pretty feet! When it comes to restoring a piece of furniture, every detail is important. Right down to the tips of the feet. It was this detail in particular that motivated me to transform these two identical bedside tables. They belonged to my client's grandparents. To pay tribute to them, I renamed them with her grandmother's nickname and her grandfather's first name.

Yes, these two bedside tables aren't white, they were repainted in a pretty pale pink.

Secrétaire SAMMY - Septembre 2023

I met Sammy at La Tricoterie during the Monday evening Jam. As we got to know each other, she told me that she was moving out of her grandmother's house and that she wanted to keep her secretary. She'd like to modernise it but doesn't really know how. When she brought the desk to my workshop, it was a shock! What a piece! I was very excited to start upgrading my first secretary.

This secretary is BY FAR the biggest and most beautiful piece of furniture I've refurbished since I started Rox'Art!

Thank you Sammy for putting your trust in me and for this wonderful project ✨💞

Commode BRAD - Juillet 2023


Brad donne des cours de poterie au sein de l’Extension de Fais-le toi-même. Il a flashé sur cette commode lorsque je commençais à la poncer. Il souhaitait une revalorisation dans la simplicité avec une dominance de blanc car la décoration de sa chambre est blanche tout en gardant une présence de bois sur la planche du dessous et les contours des tiroirs. Un beau mélange !


Sewing furniture BLUSH - April 2023

I'm starting to get comfortable with this type of furniture: the gradual dismantling of all the parts, sanding, painting (my favorite part) and reassembling. The most recurrent problem (of all old furniture) is of course the HINGES 😱. Removing the old ones is already an ordeal, but then putting in new ones without damaging the fresh paint ...! For BLUSH I had to drill then refill then re-drill next to the old holes. As the hinges are not very thick, they require short, thin screws that are harder to hold.
Sometimes it takes me a long time to finish a piece of furniture because of these little details. It takes perseverance, but above all patience. This lovely piece of sewing furniture will keep its main function as it passes from an old seamstress to a young, outstanding seamstress: Alice from Atelier Blush

Drawer and Sewing furniture H&D - Mars 2023

I met the H&D couple during my last Christmas market at the Quincallerie in Ixelles organized by Fais-le toi-même
En feuilletant mon book ils sont tombés amoureux du style de revalorisation de ma première commode Océan et de ma première travailleuse Orage. Ils ont été touché par le fait de pouvoir transformer et personnaliser un objet ancien dans le but d’allonger sa durée de vie. Pour la petite histoire, après la livraison des meubles, mon GSM m’a été dérobé alors qu’il contenait les photos officielles de mes dernières créations…. Une bien triste fatalité après un si bel accomplissement. Voici donc des photos finales moins qualitatives que d’habitude mais qui illustrent tout de même mon travail.

Ping Pong Table - September 2022

J’ai reçu une commande un peu plus originale pour l’animation d’un mariage : une table de beer pong. Sur une porte abandonnée j’ai appliqué quatre couleurs différentes en adaptant mon motif ARLEQUIN. L’espace prévu pour une poignée étant vide, j’ai vissé des chutes de bois sur lesquels j’ai cloué un ancien tissu. Résultat : un petit panier pour stocker les balles du jeu.

J’ai choisi d’utiliser de la peinture de la marque éco-responsable Colibri Peinture.

LÉONINA Chair - April 2022

This is the story of a little chair abandoned in the street. On a sunny day, Emilie came across it and decided to adopt it. But as the peeling orange paint began to deteriorate, she decided to call on Rox'Art to give it a new lease of life. After a thorough stripping, I gave it a fresh new shade of orange and fitted it with little pink "socks" with rounded edges. This cute little chair was thus doubly saved from the landfill. Her new name comes from the fusion of her two children Léon & Nina.

PENT'ART PATIO - June 2021

I was chosen by the Pentahotel in Brussels City Centre to decorate their new terrace made from pallets. An upcycling project that allowed me to share my ARLEQUIN pattern in the hotel's colors. Original creation on site. The hotel gave me carte blanche to write "PENT'ART PATIO" in an original way on the seats; the name of my own business name Rox'Art!

VALENTINA Shelf - February 2021

Emilia found this little shelf on the street and entrusted it to me for a colorful makeover. The shelf, renamed VALENTINA, hangs in her plant library at Extension: La Casa Planta. The shelf was given a new look using Colibri Peinture ecological paint with no petrochemical bases, for a very natural finish. Perfect for a room dedicated to plants. It's one of the first pieces of refurbished furniture where I've been able to add my signature in wood, carved and engraved by The Funky Wood Family.

Kallax MAJORELLE - December 2020

I found this large, second-hand Kallax 5×5 to fit out the FD Clinic dental practice in Schaerbeek. The aim was to find a practical piece of furniture with lots of storage space, while adding a splash of color to break up the "medical white". The colors were inspired by the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. A practical, colorful piece of furniture that brings a sense of travel to the workplace.

Personalized Trays


My sister ordered me a personalized tray based on the famous Rick & Morty series.

I had a lot of fun re-creating this magnificent gradation of colors. I based it on an image from the series where the characters are being chased by a multitude of monsters. The set required a lot of time and precision.


Alice is a fan of the 7th Art, and in particular of the films of director Jacques Tati. Here we find the profile of his iconic character: Mr Hulot. The famous crazy duo from the American series Rick and Morty. The stairs of The Truman Show open onto the fabulous Charlie Chaplin. She also loves the comedy series that educates as much as it entertains about comic-book physics: Big Band Theory. On the back, the logo of the best American sitcom of all time, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Can you guess which movie the spinning top comes from? Will you take the red or the blue pill? And finally, the series in which the main protagonist announces: "Say. My. Name." Usually, I only sign my logo. But here it seemed original to replace the video recording "REC" with "ROX'ART".


This bloodthirsty blackboard will appeal only to manga and video game fans. It was made for a personalized order. The background image represents the Berserk manga logo. The edges of the board feature logos from the worlds of Morrowind and Oblivion (video games).


A crazy musical inspiration for this custom tray. I was inspired by one of the paintings from David Gilmour's concert in Orange, France during the Rattle That Lock tour. For some, God performs on stage. And for this video game enthusiast, I added an easter egg that he didn't discover until the last minute, on the back of the tray. The logo for the video game Modern Warfare 2.


Upgrading of antique furniture.
Construction of small objects with recycled materials.
Practical and discovery workshops around wood.

Adresse: Rue Américaine 11, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Workshop in the heart of the "Extension" of the non-profit association
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