by Roxanne Le Duc

A colorful univers

Rox'Art's origins take me back to my grandmother's house, where austere antique furniture, photo frames on the walls and colorful fabric scraps in the kitchen cohabited. My inspiration comes from this big house, a land of creativity, where Mamie Doudou talked about Martinique while sewing my latest outfit on her Singer sewing machine.

Through her origins, my grandmother passed on to me her passion for crafts(wo)manship. A passion that intertwines a sense of emancipation and artistic freedom.

A devoted attention

I see the potential in every piece I find. It's a real job of understanding and paying attention to the damaged parts so that the revaluation is in keeping with their original forms.

I focus on solid, antique furniture because it's a guarantee of durability. Each piece is the fruit of real reflection, including the choice of warm, dynamic colors to bring light and positivity to their new surroundings.

Self-taught. I'm committed to passing on my know-how and passion to those who want to become more dexterous with their hands. It's an opportunity to learn and act towards a better circular economy.

Each creation is unique.

Services and activities

Custom Orders

Search for a piece of furniture that suits your needs.

Customization suggestions.

Advice on color selection.

Workshop animation

Discover and practice woodworking machinery.
Recycled wooden objects creation.
Paint and decoration of the created objects.

Creators Markets

Sales during winter and summer creators markets.
Meetings and personalized orders.


Upgrading of antique furniture.
Construction of small objects with recycled materials.
Practical and discovery workshops around wood.

Adresse: Rue Américaine 11, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Workshop in the heart of the "Extension" of the non-profit association Fais-le toi-même